Thursday, July 12, 2012

Move Closer to Your Dreams

Thank You for this very productive and amazing day! Thank You for this Blessing as well! Another dream come true! Got my U.S. Visa Multiple Entry 10 years this morning!? Thank you so much to all of you, my personal, business, international and spiritual family! Next time we'll all go together! Lets do this! Who wants to go with me?! 


This one is for you and me! Living out our dreams! We are right where we should be! Never let go of something you hold dear. Never let go of Your Dreams, instead Move Closer to it Every Single Day! One day you'll get a surprise from Opening Your Door and there it is, waiting at your doorstep! 
Successful people do what others are not willing to, even if they don't feel like doing it. 
- Mentor Caleb Edpao 

See you on October 6, 2012 at the Ultra Pasig! 
I'll get to share how I made it here! 
Contact me for tickets and reservations!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Financial Literacy Workshop

"You need not to be a Doctor to Help save a Life" - A Financial Literacy Workshop - What you don't know about money would hurt you. Take care of your hard earned money. Grow it, Enjoy it, Don't loose it. See you tomorrow Mar 4 at Gateway Suites 2PM.

Send me a text message 09178852469 or an FB (Rich Tan) message. 

Hurry! I have two tickets left! See you!

Thank you for the photo borrowed from the net. - iStockphoto.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dream Came True...

What are your WILDEST DREAMS, to the point that you will do whatever it takes to get to it, have it or experience it?

Remember those boring times during office work and wish we were in some place else, those restful weekends that we roam around and see people buying and having things we also wanted or getting excited after watching a movie and seeing yourself as one of the actors in the movie.

Yes, I'm one of those dreamers, a DREAMER like YOU. Believe me, I have tons of them :)
This is the first question you have to ask yourself.

4 sports cars, one blue, one red, one white and one YELLOW!!!

Not so bulky just right for the Hollywood.

With ample and cozy space, zen type and bright ambiance in all the rooms.
With a huge underground garage capable of housing 20 sports cars in an oval shape!

A huge picture of myself in display for 10,000 people.

with Jennifer Aniston!

to be vocalist and pianist. 
have gigs here and there.
sharing what I have inside to tons of people hearing my music.



starting in my social circle and family, then my country then nations. :)

WHAT'S YOURS? POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. It all starts with a DREAM. What the mind can achieve the man can conceive - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.
If you can't even share it, how can you even make it happen? - Anonymous

What would be SATISFIED in you when you get it?

Is it the "kilig" exciting feeling factor just thinking about it?
Is it fame, recognition or fulfillment in help another person?
Is it something deeper?

This would be the REASON and your WHY?
This would FUEL you in your journey towards your GOAL...
If you know your WHY the HOW will follow.

What do you need to OVERCOME for you to get it?
All of the things you have right now are there because you are in your comfort zone but all of these dreams are OUTSIDE OF OUR COMFORT ZONE. - Speaker J.P. 

Is it laziness, procrastination, fear, doubt or pride? Unfortunately, these are the dream killers of our generation. The worst person to lead is yourself. - J. Maxwell, Leadership Gold

A solution to all these dream killers is just ACTION.

Be it from that dream travel for your family, a Europe tour, a beetle Valkswagen, a yellow FJ Cruiser, a best selling author award, being featured in Forbes magazine, a foundation for special kids, a princess lifestyle to being a ballet or any dream that you have right now, YOU KNOW, they are worth your money, time, effort and ACTION.

At the end of the day, who gets to enjoy all of these? Its still US?! So why make excuses? One mentor told me, "you can either MAKE MONEY or MAKE EXCUSES." I'm sure we would want to make the money rather than the excuses. :)

All these DREAMS would NEED CHANGE, TIME, MONEY and EFFORT. There are just two sets of people present when talking about DREAMS.

The FIRST SET of people would say:
I do not have enough money for that.
I do not have enough time for.
Maybe this is not for me.
What if I fail and don't reach my goal?
I am born like this and like that.

Although the SECOND SET of people would say:
What can I do right now to earn more money? Let's do it!
What can I do right now to give more time? Game!
Let's do it! Everything can be learned! :)
Let's do it! If I fail, I'll look up and get up! Again!  
Yes, am born poor but I'm sure don't want to die poor as well.

If you just think about it, there are people who are BORN MILLIONAIRES but there are people who BECAME MILLIONAIRES. How? They are the SECOND SET of people.

That is why it is also important for you to check who you are with all the time. Check 5 of your friends whom you usually hang out. Are they included in the first set or second set of people? They say birds of the same feathers (are the same birds hahaha kidding aside) fly together. I'm not saying leave them if they are in the first set but this helps us understand why we are like this.

How about YOU?
What are YOUR DREAMS? 
What would be SATISFIED in you when you get it?
What do you need to OVERCOME for you to get THEM?
Do you belong to the first set of people or second set of people?

Note: Since this is my birth month and usually you guys know I occasionally give prizes, the best post will get a prize for it!!! End of contest is second week of March 2012 when we get back from Australia. This applies for people in US, UK and ASIA.

I thank HIM, my family, my friends, Speaker J.P. and XTRM1-11 
for these blessings and opportunities!  

Thank you for liking and visiting my fan page RICH TAN
Thank you for recommending, forwarding and sharing MY BLOG

Inspired by Speaker J.P.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Kid from Manila

A kid from Manila who started out life with a grade 2 English teacher saying - "Chard, aim for the MOON at least if you don't reach the MOON you've landed on the STARS..." - Mrs. Abenes from UNO HIGH SCHOOL

That day I became a DREAMER :)

I grew up away from parents for 21 years and lived only with siblings, aunties and uncles from one house to another. Most kids saw limitations and loneliness but I saw POSSIBILITIES and DREAMS.

Grew up with my share of challenges and trials but these made me even stronger and better. Thankfully was able to study and finish school while working in Burger King for allowance and in the University for my scholarship. Thank you Mel, Sherry, Tin, BC, Mac, Austin and Ramsiere for being with me all these years!

Finished my Computer Science Degree along with my friends JC, Steph, Rose, Alvin, Grace, Toffee and Law. Thank you for pushing me and guiding me! Thank you University and Mr. Meim as well for letting me study and finish my degree!

Worked with Hewlett Packard for 2 years and met amazing people! Thank you Mr. EJ Arboleda, Ms. Kat Hizon and Mr. Ron Dizon for guiding me through my first JOB. Thanks Luthfi, Ana, Jef, Bebs and Liv and Onats for being the best work buddies!!!!

That day I became a BELIEVER

BOOM!!! Ultimate Frisbee came into action!!! :D Got serious into this very addicting sport with an ultimately crazy amazing team called KAYUMANGGI!!! Went through a lot with this team, one tournaments to tons of practices, literally through sacrifice, sweat and blood! Great action times with Vernon, Mshel, JP, Orange, Andrew, Papi, Chewy, Puy, Chie, Cadoosh and Mr. Sleepasil. :D Miss you guys!!!! Indeed learned a lot from this team, "if you think you can't, you can't but if you think you can your right you can - H. Ford" Indeed we can! Am so proud of you guys! from POOL C to POOL A!!! (higher level of playing field!!!)

Worked with Chevron for 2 years and girl it was great! Maturity came into the picture. Thank you Ms. Larah, Ms. Ana and Ms. Cherry!!! I would remember this "Choy, focus on things you can control".  Had a great team of wonderful and bright people. Thank you Guads, Divine, Mon, Adnan, Malou, Tops and Roche!

Went through tons of crazy adventures with friends, Travel Factor and Bulusok! Went surfing, caving and climbing mountains! Exploring nature's greatest spots! Baler and Mt. Pulag, conquering, reaching and seeing the top of the world!

That day I became a VISIONARY.

Ventured out on my own and found this opportunity. Started out like everyone else, learning and applying and experiencing. Its true, "life is a series of lessons waiting to be learned and applied for one to become better not bitter." Its amazing how He brings right people closer to us whom could help us GROW and BECOME BETTER.  Again its true, "People whom you have just met sometimes make the biggest impact in your entire life - R. Kiosaki"   

Started out earning EXTRA and now earning EXTRA-ORDINARY INCOME with my HOME-BASED BUSINESS, while enjoying FREE TRAVELS and QUALITY TIME with my FAMILY. :)

Thank you Ms. Tanya, Sir Billy, Ms. Pin, Sir Caleb, Ms. Ivy and Ms. Arnee and our team XTRM1-11 International.
Today I became RICH.

Now my adventure begins... Who's with me?